Our Education Partner: Barefoot College

Barefoot College was founded in India 45 years ago and has been changing lives ever since. To make these massive community changes happen all over the world, the organization brings women from rural areas of the globe to India. They spend the next six months studying and training to be solar engineers. Once they have the necessary technical skills, Barefoot College teaches these women basic entrepreneurial skills they can leverage in their communities in order to create small-to-medium solar enterprises.

Barefoot College utilizes a curriculum that is free of the written word in order to ensure that the program is accessible to all of the women in their program, as well as their communities back home. Illiteracy does not mean a woman is unintelligent; it simply means that she needs to learn through different, visual means.

This nonprofit has served over 80 countries during its time in operation, primarily in India, Africa, and Asia. They work with mostly-to-semi-illiterate women from remote areas of the world, especially in communities that are just barely surviving, with an average household income well below the global poverty line. Barefoot College offers the communities they serve a radical and effective way to generate and control their own income — an opportunity that is often in short supply in impoverished communities.