We're on a mission to help women bring solar energy to their communities


At Women Light The World our mission is to educate and empower economically disadvantaged women and their families, living in remote underdeveloped rural communities in Nepal and other 3rd world countries, to build sustainable futures for generations to come. 

Harnessing the power of the sun, we seek to bring light into each household in these communities. Our vision is to bring solar energy and internet access to "One Household at a Time and One Village at a Time." The ultimate goal is to provide stable internet connection to enable further economic progress and advancement in education.


this project reaches across 14 of the UN's sustainable development goals

Human civilization has gone through many eras, each in their own way, dominated by inequality and warfare. Now the time has come for women to take a prominent role in the decision making process; helping to design the blueprints for a brighter future. Women Light The World is a platform to help rural women step into the role of global leader. These brave leaders are breaking social norms and taking up the challenge to transform their communities in a way that will preserve their breathtaking beautiful environment, and help protect the resources of our planet for their children and grandchildren.




Women Light the World has entered into a collaboration with Barefoot College in Rajasthan, India and Responsible Treks from Kathmandu, Nepal to bring solar energy to 1,275 households across 28 villages in the poorest and most remote area of Nepal. We’re sending women to India to become Solar Engineers (affectionately known as "Solar Mamas") in order to bring solar power to their communities and bring the world to each community through access to the internet. 


During the next 3 to 5 years, 25 + semi-illiterate and illiterate women from Nepal will team up with other women from around the globe, enrolled in the flagship solar training program at Barefoot College for 6 months of experiential learning. They will graduate as Solar Engineers, equipped with the skills and knowledge to fabricate, maintain and repair solar systems. Upon their return home, each woman will be competent to manage the entire process of installation and maintenance within their respective community.  Alongside the solar training, the women participate in the ENRICH curriculum that introduces the women to the principals of   entrepreneurship with a focus on environmental stewardship. 


What is enrich training?

Alongside the solar training, the women trainees will participate in the ENRICH supplemental training program that has been developed from insights and aspirations of previous trainees at Barefoot College. The modules are language agnostic and use experiential learning to make the content accessible to all, regardless of where they come from and their literacy capabilities.  The course includes 200 + hours in the following topics: 

  • Self-Awareness

  • Women’s Health

  • Financial Literacy

  • Digital Literacy

  • Environmental Stewardship

  • Human Rights and Civil Society

  • Livelihood and Micro-Enterprise Skills

what are ouR goals?

When a Solar Mama turns the lights on in her home community, a virtuous cycle of transformation gets underway. Through this project, these are a few of the outcomes we will achieve:

  • Economic activity increases dramatically

  • Children study three times longer than previously

  • Health outcomes and persistent health concerns improve immediately

  • Environmental sustainability is catalyzed

  • Disaster response and mitigation strategies are set in place

  • Gender roles are challenged and in most communities overcome

Poverty is complex. You can’t address a complex problem with a linear solution.  You need a network. We are entering a time where you collaborate or you fail.
— Meagan Fallone, Barefoot College CEO


Women Light the World seeks to light up 1,265 households in 28 villages and educate and empower 25 + semi-illiterate and illiterate women in Humla, the most remote and poorest area of Nepal. 



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