We're on a mission to help women bring solar energy to their communities


At Women Light The World we envision a world where women are empowered. Have been able to find their inner light-their skills and their passion, in order to take control of their lives, bettering their own futures and those of their children, families and communities. We believe deep in our hearts that women can create change. Women Light The World wants to be part of creating that spark that lights these women’s lives and, we want you to join us!

Our first step is to help rural and remote village women in third world countries - who want change. We want to help them bring solar energy to their communities. We believe this effort can be the catalyst for bettering many lives.

Given the chance, women - poor, uneducated, held-back, rural, remote - are willing and able to learn. Women are collaborative and cooperative with one another. They share information, are dedicated to family and can grow themselves while improving futures of their families and their communities economically. With women who feel self-respect, and to feel empowered, can make almost anything possible.

The light we talk about with Women Light The World is more than solar energy- it is helping women who don't have the same resources and guidance as we do to light up their inner selves - understanding their role, their place in making things better and spark great ideas, great energy - all with the goals of creating sustainable and brighter futures for generations.

Yes, our mission is to harness the power of the sun to bring light through clean and affordable solar energy to these remote and rural poor villages. It’s an easy solution and do-able.

The “really big” picture is lighting up these women to believe in themselves, who can change their world - and, ours.

Supporting Women Is A Good Investment

Statistically women invest twice as much of their incomes back into their families than men (80% to 40% percent). According to a 2010 McKinsey Report, gender parity could raise GDP by 26 percent, roughly the equivalent to the combined economies of the United States and China. Women prioritize education for their children, stability for their community and placed -based skills that build on existing cultures.


Studies show that after completing various educational training program, men are more prone to leave their rural communities and migrate to cities. Women conversely, go back to their communities to work in their own homes and villages. Women are a powerful force that changes their lives and the lives of others.

Women in remote communities deal with extreme vulnerability. The women are confined within the 4-walls of their houses, with a heavy workload consisting of preparing food, looking at the children, ensuring proper sanitation, collecting water and wood ( sometimes hours walking distance) and taking care of the livestock. Despite such heavy burden, they have almost no decision making power within their communities, and have no property after their husbands demise. The principal causes of the women’s extreme vulnerability are illiteracy, no access to vocational training for income generating activities, dependency and lack of knowledge of their rights. As families send their sons to school, keeping girls at home for domestic work without any access to vocational training. Consequently women cannot engage in productive and income generating activities.

Sustainable Solutions

Our ultimate aim is to improve the socio-economic position of women. To empower women through education to become Solar Engineers, so that they can themselves combat discriminatory behaviors in the social, economic, and cultural spheres and promote women’s full participation in local decision making processes. Allowing women to drive sustainability, have access to electricity, clean water, safe cooking and lighting their homes and communications technology.

this project reaches across 14 of the UN's sustainable development goals

Human civilization has gone through many eras, each in their own way, dominated by inequality and warfare. Now the time has come for women to take a prominent role in the decision making process; helping to design the blueprints for a brighter future. Women Light The World is a platform to help rural women step into the role of global leader. These brave leaders are breaking social norms and taking up the challenge to transform their communities in a way that will preserve their breathtaking beautiful environment, and help protect the resources of our planet for their children and grandchildren.