Our Partners

Great Circle International Real Estate in a New York has teamed up with Soul Currency Institute, a Not-for-Profit organization based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Barefoot College a Not-for-Profit organization based in Tilonia, Rajasthan, and Responsible Treks based in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Barefoot College


Barefoot College trains illiterate and semi-literate women during a 6 month training program in Rajasthan, India. The program is sponsored by India’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs ITEC program.

  • Development of a stand alone technology center to train young people to become global tech entrepreneurs. 

The Barefoot Solar Engineering Program builds the capacity of rural communities to manage and sustain Energy and Connectivity solutions, and the Barefoot Solar Engineering program trains non-formally educated women in:

  • Fabricating, assembling, installing, maintaining and repairing solar home systems and solar lanterns with integrated phone charging solutions.



Barefoot Technology Solutions comprise of Solar Home Systems & Rechargeable lanterns (High Quality Equipment with 5 years Warranty, Decentralized Fabrication, Assembly, Maintenance and Repair, Compatible with solar powered technological products) and Digital Hub solutions (Connectivity through geographically tailored solution, Real time data collection on Solar Power generation, Content dissemination through Wifi-enabled server).

Setting up Rural Hubs with Solar Power, Connectivity and Digital Content dissemination servers.

Installing and maintaining solar powered technological products available on markets (LED TV, Fans, DVD players, Tablets).  


Responsible treks

What if Humla, Nepal was transformed economically?

Responsible Treks is a local travel company based in Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal. The organization was founded by a group of individuals from Nyinba-Humla with a passion to develop and share their homelands & mountain regions. Their innovative spirit and passion for adventure is professionally complemented by meticulous research & planning along with their 15 yrs industry experience.

Their mission is to promote responsible travel as we care about the environment. They are serious about preserving and promoting local cultures. Most importantly we work directly with the host communities ensuring that tourism benefits everyone.  At Responsible Treks they strive to occupy the position of being the preferred partner for responsible travel within the hidden Himalayas; they work hard to promote a harmonious relationship between tourism whilst supporting the local communities. Their professionalism is underlined by a deep sense of responsibility towards the clients they serve and the communities in which they live. With partners in numerous tourist organizations they ensure our code of practice meets with International standards.


Soul Currency Institute

Soul Currency Institute - introducing solar technology to power up an IT center to train and educate the youth of Humla in internet technology in order to create livelihoods for the youth of Humla.

What if solar energy were currency, not just a commodity?

In America, we think of solar energy as a clean renewable source of energy to power our homes, our offices and to reduce utility bills,  But the rest of the world, especially in some of the poorest and remote areas, which have undeveloped or under developed economics, what if we thought of solar energy as a currency – a medium of exchange, not just a consumable commodity to run televisions, computers or air conditioners – WHAT COULD BE POSSIBLE?

  • Harvesting the sun as a “cash “ crop
  • Solar currency can be used like money
  • Becomes a medium of exchange for services or goods
  • Sustained economic development depends on energy
  • Solar energy is an inexhaustible resource and is fee
  • Solar panels will produce energy for 40 years( more than most oil wells)
  • Begin small and expand
  • Owned by all, benefiting all
  • Social capitalism – grow financial and other resources
  • 3 to 5 year track record gives ability to monetize future
  • Grant money or charitable seed capital grows into sustainable economics
  • Training beneficiaries to live from possibility vs survival 
  • SOLAR ENERGY IS A BIRTHRIGHT. IT IS NOT LIKELY TO RUN OUT IN THE FORESEABLE FUTURE, All economic development and industry are dependent on energy and economic development goes where there 
  • Are plentiful sources of energy.  But to use it for our greatest benefits, requires vision , compassion, collaboration and a willingness to transform the inner beliefs in limitation and survival to abundance, flow and thriving.