New Paths to Light the World!

Women Light The World, a US-based nonprofit, is pleased to partner with Barefoot College, our education partner based in Rajasthan, India. With decades of experience and success in training semi-literate and illiterate women, Barefoot works with partners like Women Light The World to ensure that these women can use their new-found education to its fullest.

As a trusted, Women Light The World has been asked to work with Barefoot College in Guatemala and Mexico. This coming year will be an exciting one!

Women Light The World is vital to keeping everything running smoothly. Our job begins with working with our local ground partner in selecting communities and then working with the Barefoot College team in going through an energy evaluation process. At which time the local community selects a women from each village to become a solar mama.


During the six month training, the women learn about solar technology and other entrepreneurial skills. We support our local ground partner during the process in providing health exams, vaccinations, passport applications, travel from the local village to the city and back and ultimately to send the selected women to India and then reintegration after training!  Perhaps most importantly, we provide the funding to pay for all aspects of the project, including the equipment and transportation back to the remote villages to enable the women to install the solar panels and solar lights.  And, by transportation, we’re talking about truck from India to Nepal, two separate legs of the trip by plane and then donkeys carrying the solar panels up the mountains!

Photos of Solar Mamas from Nepal and women from Haiti selected to attend Barefoot College in the fall of 2020.