Humla, Nepal


Humla is considered one of the most remote and isolated regions in Nepal, reachable only by foot or small aircrafts which land in the district of Simikot.  Simikot is situated high in the Himalaya's, in north-western Nepal, bordering the Tibet Autonomous Region.

The region is one of the most underdeveloped areas in Nepal, with only one hospital and one secondary school in Simikot which serves the entire district. Most of the villages of Humla don’t have access to electricity, communication (telephone, mobile service, internet), clean drinking water, education and proper health care.

Humla has two distinct faces.  On one hand, Humla is a unique and beautiful place where nature’s true gifts are still intact. Its icy cold water is rich in minerals, the fresh air is free from carbon monoxide, its mesmerizing landscape full of known and unknown herbs and vegetation and foods grown in the region are 100% organic. But on the other hand, its isolation has pushed Humla far behind from the rest of the world. Isolation and poverty in this beautiful yet harsh Himalayan mountains deprive people of all but the basic of life.

Map of Nepal

Map of Nepal



A very small entry point for one of the most remote areas in Nepal. It is from Simikot that all 28 villages have to be reached by foot.