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Tashi Cheozum Lama

Tashi Cheozum lama was born in Humla and raised in Kathmandu. She wants to see Humla be open to multiple opportunity outside its area. She believes in the positive change the project will bring to Humla through Women Light the World. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors degree in International Business and Minor in Sustainability in Chatham University at Pittsburgh, USA. She is an avid reader, loves talking to people, and is a joy to be around.


Laila Bergman

Laila met Mary in Humla and they formed an immediate bond.  Danish born, Laila is a certified nurse midwife and is passionate about women’s empowerment, focusing on access to healthcare and education.  She provides education and services to underprivileged rural communities all over the world.


Pam Frost

Pam has a keen interest in solar power. In addition to working with Women Light The World to help spread our message and fundraise, she is also involved with Solar Cookers and Bio Gas Digester Advocacy, the Public Private Alliance Foundation and Solavare, maker of the Sport Solar Oven.


Tsering Dolkar Lama