About The Red Bead Club

  • Red means a lot of things in many cultures and religions.

  • Red is taken to be the color of life, of the glowing sun and passion.

  • Red is a symbol of purity, the color of divine, bravery and generosity.

  • Red is charged with energies that protect the wearer.

  • Red allows the receiving of good fortunes and luck to the wearer.

  • Red is a symbol of life force and compassion.

  • Red is believed to remove unwanted energy to make room for wanted energy.

  • Red reflects energy and can motivate an individual to action.
  • It all sums up what those who join the Red Bead Club to support Women Light The World are all about!

    Please take a photo of yourself and post it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and tag it with #redbeadclub